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Sunday, 25 March 2018

I'm Available If You Are Poor But Good In The Other Room - Actress Jemima Osunde

Actress Jemima Osunde has revealed in a recent interview the kind of man she will be willing to settle down with.

When it comes to choice of a man, many Nigerian ladies have a long written list of the kind of man they would love to marry, but that of Jemima Osunde is rather small and simple.

Are you not too rich? Are you broke? Are you rich but yet you are good in the other room? Maybe you have been rejected by many ladies, well look no more your woman is here.

According to the actress, she is not too concern about the financial prowess of the man because she feels her financial strength will carry but all she needs in her man is for the man to be buoyant and show resilience in the other room.

In recent times, it has been reported that many Nigerian girls needs a man who earns nothing below 200, 000 naira a month so they can take care of them, but for Jemima she just need satisfaction in the other room.

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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Davido Wins Best African Act At MOBO Awards 2017


Abuja – Nigeria’s ace singer David Adeleke, a.k.a Davido, has won the “Best African Act”, at the 2017 edition of the prestigious Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards. DAVIDO WITH HIS AWARD (PHOTO GETTY).

 The 22nd MOBO Awards was held on Wednesday night at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, United Kingdom. David edged out Wizkid, Mr Eazi, Tiwa Savage, Wande Coal, Maleek Berry and others to pitch the “Best African Act” award. Nigeria’s star boy, Wizkid who did not disappoint his fans also won the Best International Act, beating top artists like Drake, SZA, Cardi B, JAY-Z and Kendrick Lamar,among others.

 On the international scene, English grime and Hip Hop artist, Stormzy, was the biggest winner of the night winning in three prestigious categories – “Best Male Artist”, “Best Grime Act” and “Best Album”. Dave emerged as the “Best Newcomer” edging out Jorja Smith, Kojo Funds, Stefflon Don, Yxng Bane, and others while “Best Song” went to J Hus for his chart-topping song titled “Did You See.” 

NAN reports that MOBO Award show is held annually in the United Kingdom to recognise artists of any ethnicity or nationality performing black music.

 See the full list of winners below:
 Best Male Act: Stormzy
 Best Female Act: Stefflon Don
 Best Album: Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer
 Best Newcomer: Dave
 Best Song: J Hus – Did You See
 Best Video: Mist – Hot Property
 Best Hip-Hop Act: Giggs
 Best Grime Act: Stormzy
 Best R&B/Soul Act: Craig David 
Best International Act: Wizkid
 Best African Act: Davido 
Best Reggae Act: Damian Marley
 Best Jazz Act: Moses Boyd
 Best Gospel Act: Volney Morgan and New-Ye (NAN).

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Jonathan, Ben Bruce Applaud Wizkid Over Best Wins At MOBO Awards 2017.

       Former President, Goodluck Jonathan and Sen. Ben Murray-Bruce, have applauded Nigerian music superstar Ayo Balogun, a.k.a Wizkid, for winning the ‘Best International Act’ at the 2017 MOBO awards.

 The 22nd edition of the iconic Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards was held on Wednesday night at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, United Kingdom. The ‘Star boy’ defeated American rapper Jay-Z, Drake, SZA, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar and other famous international artistes to clinch the highly coveted trophies.

 Jonathan in a post on his Facebook wall congratulated Wizkid for making Nigeria proud. He wrote:“When Nigeria does well, I cannot help but feel well. “My happiness is tied to the happiness of Nigeria, and when Nigerians break records and take the name of Nigeria to greater heights it exhilarates me.

 “Thank you Wizkid for raising Nigeria’s flag high for the positive, not the negative. “Your emergence as the Best International Act at the #MOBOAwards is a proud moment for Nigeria, and the fact that you emerged over JAY-Z and Drake makes it even more celebratory. WELL DONE”.

 Also, Ben Murray- Bruce eulogized Wizkid on his Twitter handle- @ benmurraybruce,describing the feat as ‘one of the proudest moments of his life.’ He wrote: “Dear @wizkidayo, I‘ve been in the entertainment business as an investor since 1980. “One of my proudest moments for Nigerian music is the day you defeated both Jayz and @Drake, two of the biggest stars in the world, to win the Best international Act at the #MOBOAwards, well done”. 

The ace singer David Adeleke, a.k.a Davido, also won big at the MOBO Awards. He edged out Wizkid, Mr Eazi, Tiwa Savage, Wande Coal, Maleek Berry and others to pitch the “Best African Act” award. The MOBO Awards, which started in 1996, is held annually in the United Kingdom to recognise artists of any ethnicity or nationality performing black music. (NAN)

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Miss Oshibowale Inioluwa Celebrates 20th Birthday In Style.

A birthday is an occasion when a person or institution celebrates the anniversary of their birth . Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with gifts, cards, a party, or a rite of passage .
Miss Oshibowale Inioluwa Deborah a.k.a Cutie Debbie celebrates her 20th birthday in style. She was wished by friends and family including her friends on social media.
She felt so happy as she turns 20 on the 6th of September. Birthdays comes once in a year in which she made sure she enjoyed herself.
Though, She celebrated her birthday on low key as she took photos with friends and family; It was still a remarkable day for her.

Miss Oshibowale Inioluwa Deborah is currently a 400 level student of Business Administration at Olabisi Onabanjo University.
See photos from her birthday below:

Saturday, 9 September 2017

American Pastor, T.D Jakes Is An Igbo Man.

The wife of Pastor Paul Adefarasin who is the founder of House On The Rock has left many people in shock after revealing that popular American Pastor, T.D Jakes, is Igbo.Adefarasin's wife, Ifeanyi made the revelation on Facebook while presenting Jakes with a gift.

Pastor Ifeanyi said that since tracing his roots back to the Igbo land in Nigeria, it was Bishop T.D. Jakes' first time stepping on the Nigerian soil.She wrote: "Since tracing his roots back to the Igbo land in Nigeria, it was Bishop T.D. Jakes' first time stepping on the Nigerian soil, with the knowledge that this is where he truly comes from.

It was a special honour for me in particular, as a native sister, to present TD Jakes with a copy of NIGERIA, OUR HERITAGE...OUR COMMONWEALTH. Welcome home!OKEOSISI - Umunne gi na asi gi nno."

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Game of Thrones: Cast Shares The Most Difficult Scenes To Shoot.

Westeros is a dangerous place; not only have you gotta avoid Cersei's wrath, Greyscale epidemics, Red Weddings and Dany's dragons, but you're also acutely aware of the fast approaching winter and an army of the dead heading your way. And the whole spectacle sounds just as difficult to shoot according to the Game of Thrones cast.

We recently heard from Rory McCann, a.k.a. the Hound about some of the brutal conditions that left him injured during Season 7, but Elle has gone on to ask other cast members about the moments they found the most challenging over the last seven years. From temporary blindness to mental torture, here are the moments the
GameofThrones cast found the toughest to film.

•Euron's Moment With The Drowned God
For Pilou Asbæk who plays Euron Greyjoy, the moment he found most challenging was filming the drowning at the Kingsmoot from Season 6. In the scene, Euron is drowned to prove his legitimacy to rule the Iron Islands and be blessed by the Drowned God.
Drowning after the kingsmoot, over and over. The kingsmoot is in the books for a whole chapter, but that’s not possible to do on a TV show with so many beautiful characters that we need to follow. So it’s a little bit different."

He explains that the scene took more than a day to shoot, and the whole time he was being held underwater in chilly Irish seas:

"The funny thing about that scene, I did that in September, and the drowning and resurrection took one or two days to shoot. When you’re underwater, and there’s a guy pushing you down, and it’s very, very cold, it’s one of those challenges that you have to accept as an actor: This is what it is. This is what we’re going to do."

•Tormund Vs. The Wights
For Kristofer Hivju, the toughest scenes involved filming the onslaught of the wights. Tormund Giantsbane has cut down a fair few of the undead over the seasons, especially during Season 5's Massacre at Hardhome and Season 7's expedition beyond the wall.

"When you fight people, that has some kind of logic. But when you have to fight wights, they just keep coming. There's no end to it. There's just trying to survive. That gives you a desperate feeling."

Hivju says that the stunt coordinator created a system to attack the wights in a safe but realistic way, which was just as relentless as it looked on screen:

"What we did—because we couldn't choreograph every single kill—so Rowley [Irlam], the stunt coordinator, made up an alphabet for every one of us. We had seven movements we could play with. The stuntmen knew the language as well, so we just went for it. In the beginning, it was tough, but in the end it became a kind of horrible dance. It was extremely exhausting: They just kept coming, kept coming, kept coming. That was some great cardio training."

•Arya's Blindness
Maisie Williams has had to do several insane things in the name of Game of Thrones , but ultimately her most difficult scenes to film were during Season 6 when she was wearing those white contact lenses after the Many-Faced God makes her blind as punishment. Fortunately, they looked great!

"The contact lenses when Arya goes blind were really uncomfortable. But they looked incredible! They looked great on camera."

•Meryn Trant's Well-Deserved Demise
It wasn't just Arya who had issues with blindness while shooting Game of Thrones . During Season 5, Meryn Trant (played by Ian Beattie) met his end with a dagger to the eye and a cut to the throat.

"My death scene, which was shot over a few days. It was just me and Maisie [Williams], and my overriding memory was of darkness, because we started very early in the morning, and then I got prosthetics on both eyes, about 9 o’clock onward in the morning."

Trant is the first name on Arya's list, after she assumes he was the one to kill Syrio Forel. After learning Trant's preference for very young girls, she disguises herself to be alone with him in a Braavos brothel, stabbing him in the eyes and several times in the chest. For Beattie, the lack of sight helped him with the realism of the moment:

"I was completely blind. And I was blind until we finished at 9 o’clock that night. So it was in many ways quite a surreal day. It was very technical, but Maisie and I had worked it out in the rehearsals, and we were ready. And not being able to see helped with the vulnerability of the character in that moment."

•Daario Wanted a New Outfit
The costume design on Game of Thrones is insane, but those outfits don't look like the most comfortable things in the world to wear under the beating Croatian sun. Michiel Huisman struggled with the heavy armor he had to wear while shooting in the height of summer:

"On Game of Thrones, one of the challenges has been wearing these beautiful, but really hot and heavy costumes. Especially if you’re shooting in August. I often throw just cubes of ice in the back of my costume, because I can’t just take it off. It takes longer to take it off than it takes to put it on."

Sadly, his suggestion of easy-release velcro hasn't been taken on board.
Maybe he can ask IKEA.

"I’ve been begging them to use Velcro. Velcro, please! Thank you very much. But Game of Thrones wouldn’t be Game of Thrones if they didn’t go all the way. They want to use real stuff. No Velcro."

•Jorah In Daznak's Pit
The show goes whole nine yards with its fight scenes, and what takes up only a few minutes of screen time takes days, and perhaps even weeks, to shoot. For Iain Glen, Season 5's battle in Daznak's Pit where he faced off against multiple foes to try and regain Daenerys' favor was the hardest to film:

"Doing the gladiatorial fight in Spain, where Jorah had to take on all these various fighters in front of all these people, that was two weeks of very intense work, guided by our wonderful director David Nutter. But it took a great deal of preparation, and you’re really at the mercy of how a director is going to shoot it, to see if he’s going to leave you dead on the floor, or if he’s going to find a way to shoot it multi-camera, so you don’t have to do it all the time, from beginning to end."

However, the whole experience was an enjoying (if not challenging) one. He explained that sometimes accidents happen, but overall the scene turned out well:

"In the end, I really enjoyed that. I’ve always enjoyed stage fighting. But at the time, and running up to it, I was pretty fearful, thinking, I just hope I can do this. When it’s that extensive of a fight—I was fighting various people with different weapons—things can happen. Accidents can happen. But we were blessed, and it all went well. I was very happy with the way it all turned out."


•Theon's Mental Torture

Poor Theon. His storyline ever since he was captured by Ramsay has been a dismal sight to witness. Much of Season 3 and 4 was spent having parts of him removed, violently tortured and humiliated. To prepare, Alfie Allen dug deep and watched movies to take him to a dark place:

"My prep for the torture scenes is all in the mind. Mental. Mental stuff going on in my head. So my preparation has more to do with what's going on in there. And I just watch stuff, like Reservoir Dogs, I watched that quite a bit. I thought Kirk Baltz was underrated."

He tried to imagine the most painful things he could to portray the agony his character was going through:

His ear...and pain—my job as an actor is to convey emotions that I experience in my own life and make that relevant to other people, and that pain is something you need to experience yourself, you know? So I just thought of the most painful things I could think of, and tried to exaggerate it, but it was hard. Really hard."

It's clear that Game of Thrones is a gruelling show to film, with the harsh conditions, heavy costumes and intense fight scenes. Having said that, when you think about the amount of moola the cast get paid per episode, it's hard to feel too sorry for them.

Who do you think had the toughest time on set? Let us know in the comments!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Ojude Oba Festival: Things You Need To Know

Ojude Oba is a Yoruba festival held in Ijebu Ode, a metropolis in Ogun state , Southwestern Nigeria . it's miles held annually the 0.33 day after Eid al-Kabir.The festival commenced over 100 years ago. nowadays, the pageant is commonly attended through over 250000 humans throughout the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria .The festival is regularly subsidized by the incumbent Awujale, the human beings of Ijebu-Ode, individuals and corporate corporations.

During Sallah or Eid al-Adha, it is one festival that everyone looks forward to in South West, Nigeria. It’s the Ojude-Oba festival.

The festival is a gathering of indigenes of Ijebuland who gather at the Awujale palace to pay homage to the Royal Majesty, the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona. It is a very colourful parade and it is celebrated with extreme pomp and pageantry. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, takes you on a ride to the festival as the 2017 edition beckons!

Origin of the festival
Long before the Ojude-Oba festival became an all-encompassing gig, it was a small gathering of adherents and followers of the Islamic religion.

The festival came into existence over 100 years ago when the earliest Muslim converts in Ijebu-ode paid homage to the Awujale of Ijebuland to thank him for granting them the freedom to practice their religion.

Today, however, the festival has transcended religious lines and now attracts people of all faiths as well as tourists from within and outside Nigeria.

Where Does It Take Place
The festival is held in the town of Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State, South West, Nigeria.

When Does It Take Place
The festival is celebrated on the 3rd day of Eid al-Adha. That means the 2017 festival will be held on Sunday, 3rd, 2017.

How To Get There
Ijebu-Ode has been made very popular by the Ojude-Oba festival. Hence, it is not really difficult getting to Ijebu-Ode. From Lagos, locate a major bus park, preferably Oshodi, board a bus en route Ijebu-Ode. The bus fare is between N1,500 and N2,000. If you want to drive, make sure you are familiar with the route or you get someone that does.

Key highlights
•Parade by different age grades (Regberegbes)

There are three different age-grade that show off their colourful attires to the Awujale. There are different regberegbes from both the male and female sides. Both genders belonging to different age-grades will attempt to outwit each other employing different tactics to be declared the best. The winners are awarded cash prizes.


There are different horse riding families led by the Balogun. The Balogun is the descendants of Ijebu war heroes who executed wars. Some of the horse-riding families include Balogun Odunuga, Balogun Bello Odueyungbo Kuku, Balogun Agboola Alausa, Balogun Alatishe, Balogun Otubu, Balogun Adesoye, Balogun Odejayi, Balogun Adesoye Onasanya, Balogun Towobola, Balogun Aregbesola and Balogun Ajibike Odedina. Their entry is announced by intermittent gunshots which send almost everyone into a frenzy!

Tips for surviving the Ojude-Oba festival
•Arrive as early as possible to the festival
If you can, take public transport to Ijebu-Ode. In addition, have a pouch where you keep all your gadgets. Better still book a hotel close to where the festival will be held.

•Leave your kids at home. Importantly, ensure that you stay together because it may be difficult to locate anyone who strays.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Tasha Cobbs Speaks On Criticism Of Collaboration With Nicki Minaj.

There’s no denying rap artists’ connection to God and spirituality, just take a look at Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, and No Malice. When an artist from the hip-hop sector links with a Gospel singer, two worlds of presumably shared fans finally mesh into one.

However, the backlash might rear its head from time to time, like Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s current situation.
Earlier this month, the famed vocalist released a collaborative track with Nicki Minaj titled, “I’m Getting Ready.” The uptempo melody, which is featured on Leonard’s

Heart.Passion.Pursuit album boasts lyrics of affirmation and unwavering faith, but for some fans of Gospel and Leonard, they couldn’t agree with Minaj’s appearance.

“I’ve seen the Nicki that is off the stage and that Nicki has a great relationship with God. My assignment with this song was for a particular audience,” Leonard said to Essence . “Some [of the listeners] have never experienced God ever and she exposed that audience in her way, to the God that she loves.”
Leonard added that this partnership also served as a healing process for those she’s come into contact with.

“The testimonies that have come because of this – I would absolutely do it again. I’ve had thousands of people say to me, ‘This is the first time I’ve ever bought a gospel album. This is the first time I’ve ever felt God. I didn’t believe in God until I heard this song.'”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Game Of Thrones Season 8: What To Expect From The Final Season.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones has officially come to an end, and since we have so, so many questions after that bonkers finale, let the wild speculation about Season 8 begin.

The fan theories and Reddit threads will surely spiral out of control between now and next season (which could be almost two years away, fun fact), but there are a few plot points that seem very likely, if not downright inevitable.

1. The Night King will be defeated.

Duh, right? Yeah, there are fans who would love to see the Night King sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of it all, but that won't happen. GOT's ending will almost certainly be bittersweet, but the "sweet" part will involve the Night King's defeat. Guaranteed.

2. But it will cost us at least one more dragon, maybe two.

Don't forget the bitter part though—the Night King has an ice dragon now, and the only way to fight blue magic fire is with lots of red magic fire. The remaining dragons are going to play a huge role in the war to come, and the likelihood of them both surviving is starting to seem slim.

3. And it might cost us Dany or Jon, too.

When it comes to defeating the Night King, responsibility will fall squarely on the shoulders of the Prince (or Princess) That Was Promised. When
Azor Ahai forged Lightbringer and defeated the army of the dead the first time around, he had to kill the love of his life to pull it off. Since Jon and Dany seem to be embracing their ahem, "love," for each other, we should all start preparing now for the possibility that one of them has to be sacrificed in order for the other to save the day.

4. Jon and Dany will be okay with the whole incest thing.

They'll struggle with it at first, but incest isn't a deal-breaker in the Game of Thrones world. What's more likely to come between them is the fact that Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. He probably won't even want it, if history has taught us anything, but it's still going to be awkward.

5. They will also procreate.
Too much was made of Daenerys' infertility for them to NOT make a baby. In fact, it's possible that the baby could bring them back together after a brief incest-related split.

6. Jaime will kill Cersei.
According to Maggy the Frog's prophecy, Cersei will be killed by her little brother. She probably assumed that means Tyrion, but pretty much everyone's money is on Jaime doing the deed.

7. This will happen either before she gives birth, or after she miscarries.

Maggy the Frog also prophesied that Cersei would have three children, who would all die before her. Unless the entire Maggy the Frog scene was functionally worthless, Cersei will not have this baby.

8. Theon will die saving Yara.

Does anyone care about Theon Greyjoy's redemption arc? Nope? Well too bad, because Game of Thrones is determined to make Theon a thing. He's on a mission to save Yara and, in order to complete his redemption narrative, he'll probably die doing so.

9. Several of your other faves will meet their maker.

Anyone whose last name isn't Stark or Targaryen is super, super vulnerable at this point. Or maybe not, since Thrones
doesn't actually kill anyone off anymore. But if producers get their nerve back and start taking characters out, anyone is fair game.

Particularly vulnerable characters include all of the charming side characters you love most: like Tormund, Brienne, Bronn, The Hound, Varys, Melisandre, Missandei, Grey Worm, Sam, Ser Jorah, etc., etc.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Finally, Simi Picks Adekunle Gold Over Falz.

Sweet sounding Nigerian singer and sound engineer Simi has laid to rest the rumors that she is dating lawyer turned rapper Falz.

Simi was asked in Lagos today if she was in anyway romantically linked to the rapper she replied saying she has never made such claims and she is not and has never been romantically linked to the ace rapper. “I’m not dating Fallz. I was not dating Falz. I never said I was dating Falz.”

Though one silent issue is that of her involvement with another singer Adekunle Gold whom it is also being rumored that Simi is romantically involved with him.

To say the least, entertainment critics and fans have been perpetually engage in and argument over who Simi’s lover is.

Now with Simi public denial of Falz and her silence on Adekunle Gold, coupled with Gold’s recent declaration that his career defining single “orente” was written for her, we can arrive at the conclusion that the” Joromi” Simi sang about is Adekunle Gold.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Waje Explains Her 'Suicidal' Statement.

Lovely Nigerian musician, Waje has finally explained why she said she was looking forward to seeing God on her social media post that had many talking.

The singer had taken to her Instagram to thank God for taking her pains away and she was looking forward to meeting him. Many immediately saw issues with the post.

Speaking with LIB the musician finally explained what she meant by her post.

She said;
“People misunderstood that, even when my mom says she can’t wait for the coming Christ, I do tell her, Mummy hold it, I have not given birth to my second child, I have not hammer, I have not done that or done this, I want to see my grandchildren and all". But then when you go on blogs, I read stuff on social media. Actually, I shared that after watching a movie about a girl, she was sick, I think it was something cancerous. She fell down from a tree and that was how she got her healing. That made me realize that some of these things we work hard to get are not even important because at the end of the day we will still die. So, for me, I’m in a phase where I’m putting more value on things that matter.

Trust me, I want to drive a beautiful car, live in the South of France, I want to be able to flex with my friends but I’m also understanding that those things don’t have any value. It’s not a legacy that I’m going to leave at end of the day. So what is important is how I live and how many people’s lives I touch through my journey.

That was why I said I wouldn’t be putting too much attention on things that don’t matter and that was where that came from. When I saw people thought I said I was going to die, in fact, some one even reached out to me. I was like, baby. I ain’t going nowhere. I’m going to be a pain in your b*tt till maybe when I’m like 90.”


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Nigerian Pastor In Netherland Pushes Wife Down From Upstairs.

A Nigerian pastor,David Steven, from Edo state living in Netherland nearly killed his wife by pushing her down from upstairs.The wife sustained injuries and is battling for her life in hospital.

Pastor David in trying to dispute the rumour said that he did not beat his wife.According to him,he had a misunderstanding with his wife and when she came back,he tried to say some romantic words to her before opening the door for her.Shocking to him,he saw his wife in a ‘weird’ manner.

It was during the process that the wife mistakenly slipped off and hit her head on the floor.He however urged wives not to lay their hands first on their husbands no matter what the situation is.

Many social media users however disputed his claims.Many of them were of the opinion that he was trying to cover up.They argued that a real man of God won’t come online to defend himself after mercilessly beating his wife.

Nigerian Pastor In Netherland Pushes Wife Down From Upstairs.

A Nigerian pastor,David Steven, from Edo state living in Netherland nearly killed his wife by pushing her down from upstairs.The wife sustained injuries and is battling for her life in hospital.

Pastor David in trying to dispute the rumour said that he did not beat his wife.According to him,he had a misunderstanding with his wife and when she came back,he tried to say some romantic words to her before opening the door for her.Shocking to him,he saw his wife in a ‘weird’ manner.

It was during the process that the wife mistakenly slipped off and hit her head on the floor.He however urged wives not to lay their hands first on their husbands no matter what the situation is.

Many social media users however disputed his claims.Many of them were of the opinion that he was trying to cover up.They argued that a real man of God won’t come online to defend himself after mercilessly beating his wife.

Justin Bieber's Cancelled Tour Is Going To Cost Him Large Amount Of Cash.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber has cancelled the remainder of the Purpose World Tour concerts.

Thank the high heavens above he didn’t decide that before he hit South Africa earlier this year – imagine the reaction of all those teens.

With only five days before Bieber’s U.S. stadium dates were set to kick off, the news was announced yesterday via a statement on his website that he would be chopping the remaining 14 dates:
Justin loves his fans and hates to disappoint them. He thanks his fans for the incredible experience of the Purpose World Tour over last 18 months. He is grateful and honored [sic] to have shared that experience with his cast and crew for over 150 successful shows across 6 continents during this run. However, after careful consideration he has decided he will not be performing any further dates. Tickets will be refunded at point of purchase.

This comes after Bieber announced last week that the opening of his acts for this leg would be Migos, Vic Mensa and Kehlani. Way better than Sketchy Bongo.
Any guess what the “unforeseen circumstances” could be?

Well, after touring for nearly two years, Bieber is burnt out, reports
Forbes :
TMZ caught up with him after the announcement and a seemingly chill Bieber said “everything’s fine. I’ve been on tour for two years,” and that he was looking forward to “just resting and getting some relaxation.” He assured his fans that he loved them and added, “I’m sorry for anyone who feels, like, disappointed or betrayed, it’s not in my heart or anything and have a blessed day.”
Sounds fair.

So whats’ the damage to his bottom line? Well, Forbes estimates that the cancellation will see him lose out on more than $70 million (R900 million).

That’s staggering, although when you consider that he averages more than $5 million (R64 million) per stadium date, and has been touring Purpose since March 2016, he should scrape by until his next album drops.
To those fans he cancelled on, though – is it too late to say sorry?

[source: forbes]

Reactions Trail Michael Phelps Loss To Great White Shark.

Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of modern times, has finally met his match in a swim-off against the greatest predator in the oceans, the great white shark. But many viewers of the Discovery Channel’s much-publicized race between man and beast found the result to be a little fishy. Touted as “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White,” the face-off in the chilly, shark-rich waters off South Africa was the launchpad for the channel’s annual Shark Week series of shows.

Phelps, who has won 28 Olympic medals including 23 golds, noted before the event that his safety was the number one priority going into the race, and said before the broadcast that he did not actually enter the water with the shark he was racing. Instead, the film crew shot footage of a shark speeding along the same stretch of water as Phelps, who swam the course at a different time under the supervision of marine experts and divers. The filmmakers used special effects to splice the two together, so it looked as though the American swimmer was racing alongside the huge predator. Despite being fitted with a special monofin to help propel him through the water, Phelps lost by two seconds to the shark, which put on a final spurt as it closed in on a seal. After his narrow defeat, Phelps demanded a rematch. “Next time… warmer water,” the 32-year-old champion wrote on Twitter. Many viewers of the show also took to social media to express their disappointment, having apparently believed Phelps would actually be racing a shark in real time. “Call me crazy but I thought they were gonna put Phelps up against a real shark not a simulation. I feel robbed,” said a Twitter user who goes by Meg Conley. Another scornful Twitter user posted footage of a cartoon shark dancing with the caption “Live footage of Shark getting ready to wipe the floor with Michael Phelps.”

Others, however, expressed surprise that anyone would have believed a real one-on-one between man and shark would have been possible.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

I Did Implants Surgery Because I Didn't Like My Figure After Child Birth - Actress Reveals.

Nigerian actress, Esther Falana who recently had implants surgery has revealed the reason behind her action.

The UK based actress took to her social media page to proudly explain why she opted for the implant surgery.

The actress who explained her reason to her teeming fans further shared some more post-implant photos as she took to her Twitter page to say: “Correction I didn’t do surgery because I was obese or overweight, I did it because I didn’t like my figure after child birth. Now.”
The actress and single mother of one who is also a member of popular Web TV show, BK CHAT LDN attributed the implants to her dislike for her post baby body after she birthed her daughter.

She also shared these photos online:

Monday, 17 July 2017

Armed Robbers Attack Nollywood Actors in Ogun State.

Popular Yoruba actors, Odunlade Adekola and Bolaji Amusan, better known as Mr. Latin, were on Saturday, July 15, reportedly attacked by armed men in Ogun State.

According to Mr. Latin's account, they were returning from a Glo Music show when they ran into the gunmen on
Sagamu road.

"We left Ijebu-Ode after the show and heading to Abeokuta, when at about 7.30 p.m. we ran into the armed robbers already stationed themselves on the road," Premium Times quoted the comic actor as saying.

Latin said upon citing the gunmen, they abandoned their vehicles and fled into the bush, where they took refuge for two hours.

The robbers were said to have raided their vehicles and carted away valuables including money and mobile phones.

"We took to our heels as the robbers pursued us with guns. We were in the bush for about two hours, before we later regained freedom after the robbers left the scene," Mr. Latin said.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Remy Ma Performs Her Nicki Minaj Diss 'Shether' At Summer Jam 2017.

Remy Ma said she was all done beefing with Nicki Minaj back in May, but when she got her chance on the Summer Jam stage, she did not feel like holding back. Flanked by some of the leading ladies in hip-hop history, Remy openly disrespected Minaj before performing a rendition of her diss track, "Shether."

According to reports from within MetLife Stadium, Remy brought out a gang of some of the biggest female MC's in hip-hop history, and yes, she made Minaj the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen.

After paying homage to a strong history of female MC's—and conveniently leaving out Nicki—Remy went right from subtle shade to an outright attack, performing "Shether" for an amped up crowd.

Although plenty of rappers in the past have threatened to air out their business at Summer Jam—Nas planned to hang a dummy meant to look like Jay Z at Summer Jam 2002—few are really willing to take it there. Remy using her performance to put Nicki on blast shows both how much animosity she holds for Minaj and her understanding of the significance of the Summer Jam stage and screen in hip-hop.

Minaj re-sparked the beef when she fired shots at the Bronx native on "Realize," which may have been enough motivation for Remy to open up this wound again. We'll have to see if this escalates further from here, because you can't back down from a call-out at Summer Jam.

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Iconic 'Batman' TV Actor Adam West Dies After Battle With Leukemia.

Adam West, who played Batman in the original ’60s TV series, has died at age 88 after battling leukemia.

His family made the announcement in a statement on Facebook writing:

It’s with great sadness that we are sharing this news…Adam West passed away peacefully last night after a short but brave battle with leukemia, He was a beloved father, husband, grandfather and great-grandfather. There are no words to describe how much we’ll miss him. We know you’ll miss him too and we want you to know how much your love and support meant to him throughout the years. Hug your loved ones today.

The actor is survived by wife Marcelle, six children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega|Getty Images

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