Monday, 30 October 2017

Nigerian Army Repels Boko Haram Attack In Yobe State.

The Nigerian Army on Sunday said it has repelled an attempted attack on Goniri village in Yobe on Saturday.
Col. Kayode Ogunsanya, the spokesman of 3 Division with tactical headquarters in Damaturu confirmed this to newsmen in Damaturu.
Ogunsanya, however, could not immediately give details of the operation.A villager, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said “the insurgents came in from the western flank of the village but were repelled by the soldiers.
“The soldiers had been on red alert since the attack on Sasawa village last Tuesday, making them battle ready.
“It did not take long when we heard the soldiers chanting victory songs, indicating that they were successful over the insurgents,” he said.
Newsmen report that two attacks were recorded in less than a week after a long period of relative peace enjoyed across the state. NAN.
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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

I Would Have Burnt Nigeria Down If I Was Jonathan - Nyesom Wike.

Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike says Jonathan lost 2015 contest because he's too much of a gentleman.

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike says former President Goodluck Jonathan lost the 2015 presidential contest because he was too much of a nice guy.

Incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari of the APC unseated the PDP backed Jonathan in March of 2015 after running away with majority of the votes.However, Wike says Jonathan lost that contest unfairly.

The Rivers Governor belongs to the PDP.He also said he would have reacted differently during the 2015 presidential campaigns.There were reports that Jonathan was pelted with stones in the country’s north when his campaign train did the rounds in what was an APC controlled region.

“God gave every leader his strength and way of doing things. You see, I will not accept that. Let the heavens fall. If Nigeria was going to end on that day, let it end. I will not take what he took. That is why I respect the man a lot. I will not take that”, Wike said of the incident during a chat with ‘The Interview’ magazine.

“If Nigeria will come down that day, let it come down. I mean, what is it? He was President and you were throwing stones at him? No single respect for that office? And you tell me to accept it? No, I will clamp down on you,”Wike added.

The Governor also wondered why no one was arrested in the wake of the stoning incident. He alleged that prominent northern politicians, including those within the PDP rank, played a role in sabotaging Jonathan’s re-election dream.During the 2015 result collation process, former Niger Delta minister Godsday Orubebe, staged a one man protest against then INEC chairman Attahiru Jega. Wike says he would have acted the same in Orubebe’s shoes.

Asked if he supported Orubebe’s drama and meltdown, Wike said: “I did. Of course, why not? You saw clear rigging. I don’t like a system where you see something is going wrong and you keep quiet".  Wike also warned that Nigeria will go up in flames if the APC attempts to rig the forthcoming 2019 presidential contest in his home State.

“The whole thing boils down to sincerity and commitment. We said if things would not happen, all of us would go down with it. That was the driving spirit for us and that is what we are going to repeat in 2019.

“If the Federal Government is going to kill all of us, so be it. Because we know what they have planned and their strategies and so when it is time, we will face the APC squarely in this State. Just watch".

-- My Fellow Nigerians, I believe it's high time we need to orientate ourselves on political issues. Why should someone just come out of nowhere and declared that the country will be burnt down if he loses in forthcoming elections.

-- He must be really crazy. Is it a          must to serve the nation? Or does   the country belongs to his grandfather? It's very obvious that our politicians are only contesting for political offices in order to fill their empty stomachs.

-- I would urge us to start observations on politicians conensting in the 2019 elections and watch their attitudes. Anyone that is ready to carry out violence for political reasons in one way or the other is a bad candidate and should be voted out of office. Take Note.

Should Nigeria be Seperated Or remain as one Country?
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Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Sends Message To IPOB Loyalists.

The leader of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) reminded his followers to boycott the November 18th 2017 Anambra gubernatorial election.

Speaking through IPOB spokesman, Comrade Emma Powerful, Kanu called on genuine Biafrans to frustrate the electoral process through a peaceful boycott.

The statement reads:

“Every genuine Biafran desiring of freedom for Biafra from this Islamic bondage of Hausa Fulani caliphate called Nigeria must not only stay at home on that day, but must also make sure those around them do not vote. November 18, 2017 is a date with history.

“If we Biafrans succeed in demonstrating before international observers that we are serious about our freedom by locking down Anambra State on that day, the world will be in no doubt that Biafra is unstoppable.

Our destiny is firmly in our hands.“We must teach corrupt Igbo politicians that money cannot buy IPOB because we are special breed untainted by the corrupt tendencies of Nigerian politics.

Locking down Anambra State will pave the way for IPOB to announce a date for substantive referendum later next year with or without the approval of Nigeria.”

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Niger-Delta Man Insults Nigerian Army After Killing Crocodile.

A man based in the riverine area of the Southern part of Nigeria has taken a swipe at the army in a subtle way just as he prepares to devour his kill. 

A Niger Delta man named Sengemenge killed a crocodile and posed with it.He used that juncture to mock the militarization of the Niger Delta region by the President Muhammadu Buhari in a security operation tagged "Operation Crocodile Smile".

He shared the photo on Facebook and wrote; "In Niger Delta Crocodile will never smile, this one is ready for pepper soup hahahah"

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Nigeria Is Not Working, Let Us Go Our Separate Ways – Northern Elders Surprised Buhari, Call For Immediate Separation.

The Northern Elders Forum, NEF, has called for the immediate break-up of Nigeria, saying: “Let us go our separate ways, because the country called Nigeria is not working”.
The call was made by the Spokesman of the NEF, Professor Ango Abdullahi, who revealed that God did not create Nigeria, but Lord Lugard did, hence the need for the regions brought together by the colonial master to go their separate ways.Abdullahi in a telephone interview with The Nation Newspaper, said Nigerians should waste no further time in correcting the mistake of Lord Lugard.
According to him: “I have spoken extensively on this issue of restructuring, and I gave reasons why Nigeria has failed. The elites have insisted that Nigeria should work, which is why I am advocating that the mistake Lugard made in 1914 should be revisited.“Lugard made mistake by bringing us together, and I don’t take it that God made this country, it was Lugard who made it. And now that we have agreed that he has made a mistake, we should correct it. Correcting it here means that we should go to the structures he put together, and go our separate ways; or at best, I support the position taken by the South-West, that we should go to our former regions. That is my position.
“If we cannot work Nigeria for 100 years, we should do something else, and doing something else means that we either go our separate ways, or go back to a point where our Leaders agreed for once that Nigeria should gain independence, but the original federal system. I also agree with the South-West’s position that we should have our parliamentary system back.“We should stop wasting time by organising constitutional conferences.
Each time we organise the constitutional conference, they will say there is nothing wrong with the provisions of our Constitution, it is the people working it that are not implementing it properly. So, this shows that it is the Nigeria political class and the elites that have failed. So, why don’t we stop now and retrace our steps and go back to 1960?“.
If we go our separate ways, I believe the people in the West as they always argue, will do like our father, Chief Awolowo did, people in the East will do like Zik did, and people in the North will do the same that Sardauna left for us.“It is because the political class are selfish, that they don’t want to hear these views.
They don’t want to hear that Nigeria is divisible, which is nonsense.“You can’t say that Nigeria’s unity is non-negotiable, it is not true, because the President said recently that Nigeria’s unity has been settled. It has not been settled. So, you cannot say Nigeria’s unity is non-negotiable”, he said. 
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