Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My Fiancee Married Another Woman 2 Weeks To Our Wedding - Woman Laments.

Dear Readers,
My name is Funke, a 28-year-old lady. I am heart broken at the moment » and I swear I will do something stupid if care is not taken.

Imagine dating a man for four years and planning for your marriage for six months only for the man to get married to another woman two weeks to your supposed wedding.

This is what happened to me and now, I want to take the laws into my hands and deal with Dele and his new wife for putting me through such shame and disgrace.

I met Dele during my service year in Ogun State. I had just come out of a very bad relationship and was not ready to go into another one but after Dele kept assuring me that he would be there for me, I had to give him a chance.

In truth, he was very patient with me, doing all he could to get my mind off the pains I was going through when Alex dumped me for another woman.

Dele worked in Abuja and only came to see me once a month but the relationship soon became very strong and he introduced me to his family members and his friends who all seemed to accept me.

I also introduced him to my family as my fiance and my parents were very happy that I would soon settle down. After I finished my service and got a job in Lagos, Dele proposed to me and I could not have been happier.

But the only draw back was that he did not want me to move over to Abuja because he felt the cost of living in the Federal Capital was astronomical. He said when we got married, I would move to Abuja.

I visited him as much as I could manage and he often came to Lagos whenever he had the chance. All the time I visited him, I never noticed him with any woman and I never suspected he could be cheating on me.

Then in December of 2016, we fixed our wedding for May and we began planning for it in earnest. My parents were beside themselves with joy and mother made sure it would be the wedding of the century as she bought 'Aso Ebi' for all her friends and club members.

In April, our wedding invitation cards were out. My friends too did not spare any expense as they wanted the wedding to be one in town. I began noticing that Dele was becoming withdrawn and his visits reduced drastically.

He blamed this on the pressure of work and tight schedules but since we would soon get married, I did not mind his infrequent visits.

But after he had stayed away for two months and was always evasive when I called, I became worried. Two weeks to our wedding, Dele had not come and there were still things to do.

I decided to go to Abuja so that we could put finishing touches to the preparations. I did not tell him I was coming because I was very angry at him and had prepared to give him a piece of my mind.

I took the last flight from Lagos and got to Abuja at about 6:30 pm and took an airport taxi to his house. I knew he would be home by then. I was still boiling when I banged on his door but to my shock, the door was opened by a pregnant woman.

I thought I was in the wrong place and told the woman I was there to see Dele. The woman just looked at me with disdain and went back inside. Shortly after, Dele came out and was also surprised to see me.

Before I could say anything, he asked what I was doing there and why I did not call him to say I was coming. I asked him if it was a crime to visit my husband without calling him.

That was when the woman came out again and asked who was my husband. I was confused and looked at Dele for an explanation but he told me I should go to a hotel and spend the night and he would come the next day to explain everything to him.

I told him I wanted an explanation there but it was the woman who spoke out that they got married at a registry just a week earlier and showed the ring on her finger as well as the pregnancy.

It was when Dele began to tell me how sorry he was that I fainted only to wake up in a hospital later.

It is now two months since the incident and while my family and friends have been trying all they can to help me get over the heart break, I will not rest until I avenge myself.
Dele and his stupid wife will surely suffer for what they have done to me, I swear on my life.