Friday, 9 June 2017

Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast.

   Have you ever heard the saying ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’? For most of us, this was something that we may have thought our mothers made up to keep us from going hungry or eating that piece of cake before school. But, the truth is that mom was right! Over the years, scientific research has proven that there are a number of health-related benefits associated with eating a healthy, well-balanced breakfast before you head out the door each morning. While making any type of breakfast will require a few more minutes out of your morning routine, there are plenty of great reasons why you want to take this time to eat. Take a look at a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t skip out on breakfast:

  Breakfast can help to improve concentration and focus throughout the day – Thinking on an empty stomach isn’t easy. When you start your day off with a solid meal your stomach and brain don’t have to think about the first meal you can get your hands on, instead you can focus on work, school or anything that is more important.
Breakfast provides you with energy needed to partake in physical activity – Whether or not you hit the gym in the morning, you need some type of fuel to help push your body through until lunchtime. Since you have already gone about 12 hours without a meal (since dinner presumably), breakfast is the fuel you need to start your day of physically and mentally.

  Breakfast can help control hunger throughout the day – As previously mentioned, when you eat breakfast in the morning it can help to curb your hunger throughout the day. This not only helps you have a good day, but it keeps you away from the snack machine. As many of you know, hitting the snack machine or even the drive thru line at a fast food restaurant can break any type of diet you have and lead to extra weight gain that most of us don’t necessarily need.
  Breakfast can help boost your metabolism – As you catch much needed sleep at night, your metabolism naturally slows. It remains that way until you can jump start it with a healthy breakfast so you can burn calories earlier in the day, rather than waiting for lunch to start burning them. A faster metabolism also means you are more likely to lose weight. That’s why eating a healthy breakfast is always a crucial part of any diet you will part take in.
While these are just a few of the reasons why you would certainly want to eat a healthy breakfast, there are plenty of other valid reasons to wake up ten minutes earlier for a healthy meal. However, remember that not all breakfasts are the same and to truly get the best out of your morning meal you have to eat smart, which isn’t a piece of cake and a glass of milk like you used to have in high school.