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Regular Sex: How It Affects Our Physical And Mental Health.

Humans are the only living beings in the world who have sex not only for procreation but also for pleasure. Moreover, as numerous studies have shown, sex is also one of the most effective ways of preventing and treating certain diseases, even mental ones.

How sexual relationships better our health

Sex prevents brain diseases.
sex can be beneficial for health, as in the process of sexual intercourse, a prolactin hormone is produced, which forms new cells in the brain and raises the mood. Thus, regular sex helps you avoid different brain diseases.

Sex can prevent diabetes.
If a person doesn’t relieve his/her sexual tension, the production of insulin in his/her body decreases. climax stabilizes the work of pancreas that produces this hormone. That’s why some experts consider sex a good way of preventing type II diabetes.

Sex relieves pain.
Right before a person reaches climax, the level of oxytocin in his/her blood rises fivefold. This hormone leads to the formation of endorphins, which relieve various types of pain, especially the one people with arthritis and migraine experience. Having a regular climax, a woman almost never suffers from menstrual pain because of the increased estrogen production in her body.

  Sex and our mental health.

Sex increases intelligence
Sex makes a person smarter and gives a confidence boost. This happens due to the development of adrenaline and cortisol. The increase of their amount in our body activates the division of gray matter cells. Therefore, people who regularly have sex, not only increase sexuality but also enhance their mental abilities. Also, devising new
sex positions develops your imagination.

  Sex works as a sedative.
Another positive effect of sex on health is associated with the development of the above-mentioned hormones: people, who have an active sex life, rarely suffer from depression and insomnia. This psychological factor forms during mutual caresses, when sensations are transmitted along the nerve endings to the pleasure center of the brain. As a result, a person feels rested. Apart from this, sex also relaxes, reduces anxiety, and relieves stress, due to the relaxation of the muscles that occurs during climax.

   How sexual relationships affect longevity.

Sex strengthens the immune system.
Regular sexual life greatly reduces your chances to catch flu and cold, as all the systems of your body come to normal and work more actively, becoming capable of resisting various infections. Active muscle training normalizes the work of the bladder. In men, the regular work of the prostate prevents the development of its inflammation and completely excludes any risks of impotence.

  Sex prolongs youth.
Regular sexual activity leads to the more intensive functioning of the endocrine glands, which promotes their rejuvenation, prolonging youth. So a passionate night of love doesn’t only bring a good mood or help you impress a Ukrainian girl you met on a business trip to Kiev but also makes you a bit younger.

  Sex helps our body rejuvenate.
Having a regular sexual life, both men and women feel much better and look much younger due to sex hormones, which actively spread through the body, cleaning the skin, opening pores, and fighting acne. It has been experimentally proved that on average, a woman, who has an active sex life, looks 10 years younger than other women of her age. Besides, her body has much fewer wrinkles. It’s all about the increased release of estrogen, which enhances the ability of cells to regenerate (restore).
Considering all that was mentioned above, it’s important to remember that your sexual health will get back to normal only if you have sex with your loved one and your sex life is stable.

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