Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Policeman Shoots Wife Dead And Almost Killed Himself Afterwards.

A police officer at Luanshya Central police Headquarters , Zambia, Kelvin Kabaso has shot dead his 23 -year -old wife, Febby Chabamba who is also a police officer , and later turned then gun on himself in an attempt to kill himself but the bullet only pierced his side of the head.

According to the report , Kabaso , left his point of duty this morning and went back home. Apparently , they had been having marital problems , so his wife had called her mother to come and settle the problems , because she had wanted to divorce.

On getting home , he was said to have opened fire on his wife , who was also an officer , before turning the gun on himself, but he survived .

Below is a statement by the police ;
“Today around 09 :45 hours, Constable Kelvin Kabaso, 25 , of House number 138 Levi Chito police camps in Luanshya , left his point of duty and went back home . Apparently , Constable Kabaso has been having marital problems, so his wife had called her mother to come and settle the problems because she had wanted to divorce,

  Katanga narrated .
“Both are police officers . So the woman and the mother were inside the house when Constable Kabaso came home . So the man came in and said I am going to shoot her and shoot myself .

Outside the house , there was another police officer Sgt Lungu. So he tried to calm the situation , but this officer said < em> nalakushuta mudala < / em> (I will shoot you man ). So as he was trying to move out , he shot the wife in the chest on the left side near the shoulder and she fell down.”

Katanga narrated that Constable Kabaso attempted to kill himself but survived.
“After that Kabaso went inside the house and also shot himself in the mouth , but he was only injured on the cheek . He did not die , so he was rushed to the hospital where he is being attended to . The deceased is Febby Chabamba , 23 , of the same house number , ” she said.

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