Friday, 9 June 2017

Police Strip Two Thieves Caught With 18 Phones In Babcock University.

   Yesterday, Wednesday, June 7, was the end of the road for two phone thieves at Babcock University, Ilisan, Ogun State after policemen caught the duo with 18 phones allegedly stolen from students.

   The photos which have found their way to social media shows the suspects being stripped and humiliated and made to sit on the ground near a police van while several mobile phones – apparently stolen were placed on the ground by them.
    According to PUNCH, the men, who were arrested with 18 different phones stolen from students at Babcock University’s main campus, were arrested on a motorcycle but the rider of the motorcycle escaped, the Punch reports.

   Another picture showed a policeman apparently flogging one of the suspects as he was made to lie inside the police van.