Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Health Benefits Of A Cold Shower.

It’s easy for some people to have a cold shower but for others, It can be a struggle.
  I mean the idea of being uncomfortable, screaming like a little child and being all dramatic in the bathroom, just makes you ask why? Why can’t I just have my hot bath in peace? Well, you might just want to make a better decision after reading this article. Here are some amazing effect of a cold shower on your health and well-being.

1. Helps with weight loss:
Cold shower helps stimulate brown fat cells, White fat cells are the not so good ones (they are the ones that accumulate when you eat in an unhealthy manner), While Brown fat cells are the healthy fat cells, They help warm you up by creating heat when you are in a cold environment

2. Improves your Hair and skin:
Hot showers dry out your skin but cold showers help our skin by preventing it from losing too many natural oils and help your hair appear shiny, strong & healthy by keeping the follicles flat and increasing their grip to the scalp.

3. It increases alertness: When you jumped into a cold shower, your nerves automatically sends a signal to your brain which makes you extra alert, This helps you focus as it is impossible to think about anything besides “I am taking a cold shower.” Gradually, you apply this to your daily activities and slowly become more focused.

4. Relieves Muscle soreness and decrease recovery time:
Athletes often have cold showers for a long period of time after game or training session, Cold shower improve circulation, and help remove some lactic acid which helps you recover faster.

5. Increase your circulation and Immune system:
Cold showers improve circulation by means of sending blood down to your organs to keep them warm. This stimulation of the circulatory system is great for your overall cardiovascular health and also increases the amount of disease fighting white blood cells, compared to that of those who take regular hot showers.

6. Decreases uric Acid level.
When uric acid increases in your body it accumulates and leads to gout, cold showers helps decrease uric acid level in the body, patients with gouts are encouraged to have long ice bath because it decrease uric acid without having to take drugs.

7. Increases Glutathione:
Glutathione is your body’s most powerful antioxidants, cold shower Increases it and also helps other antioxidants function in a high speed and more efficiently.

8. Depression Relief :
Cold showers stimulate what is known as “the blue spot,” which is the brains primary source of noradrenaline – a chemical which plays a role in alleviating depression.

9. Pain Reliever:
Cold shower have effects on our nerve endings to help reduce pain Cold, body aches, and inflammation.
Everyone wants a better physical and mental health, you should now want to ditch your daily hot shower for a better well being.

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