Friday, 9 June 2017

7 Funny But Annoying Questions Nigerians Are Fond Of Asking.

   Nigerian can ask the most annoying yet funny set of questions.
A good number of us have either asked or have been asked these question at some point or the other.           A lot of times, some people ask questions that can make you want to ask them if they are okay. I mean, why should someone be asking you the obvious.
Well, as much as these questions can be annoying, the sarcastic answers that come with them makes them really funny and hilarious.
     Here are some really ones.

   1. You see identical twins, and then you ask
Are you guys twins
No, it's picmix.

  2. Your friend calls you and asks, where are you? and you answered at the ATM, and he asks you again, what is happening there?
I am photocopying money.

   3. You're watching a movie and then your friend asks you
Are you watching a movie?
No, I'm actually discussing with the TV.

   4. I mistakenly cut my thumb with razor blade and then someone asks
Why did you cut yourself?
I have too much blood, I want to reduce it.

   5. My long time friend sees me, and she asks me, is that you?
No, it's my mother when she was young.

   6. You see a woman who just gave birth and you then ask did you just give birth?
No, I bought the baby from eBay.

  7. Someone sees you leaving a place and asks, are you leaving?
No, I'm practising how to walk.